In memory of IC2(SS) Terry Nichols, Here is one of his many notable quotes - "Some people treat their bodies as temples. I prefer to treat mine as an amusement park."

And then there is a unique "Horse & Cow" submariner ritual dating back to the days of diesel subs.
To show their moxie, submariners, usually fortified by strong drink, remove their pants and underwear, affix a tail of toilet paper to their bare backsides and light it on fire. Some jump on tables to display their bravado and flaming posteriors...........Say it isn't so!!!!



Back Row left to right:  Miller, Warden, Jessen, Breshears, Whitford,
MadDog McMillan, and McEvoy
Front Row:  Tierney, Detter, Pittman, and Hopkins


Fish Gang - circa 1980

Special Projects Auxiliary Division - circa 1981

(left to right) Lance Hagele, Wayne Peterson, Scott Jaklin & Bob LaDuke