December 10, 2008, an Email to the webmaster from Ms. Joan Jamieson:  


My Dad is Thomas J. Cashman.  He was the Supervisor, Submarine Operations Unit for General Electric.  He passed away two years ago.  He managed the project that put the original nuclear reactor in SEAWOLF.  My mom was going through stuff in the basement recently and found a document that has three pages of signatures of those people involved in the original launch of SEAWOLF, including Admiral Rickover.  I'm thinking it's probably a collection of people from the US Navy, GE and Electric Boat in Groton - it seems to pertain to its first "test drive" on May 18, 1955 which I believe my dad went on.  Someone wrote a little poem to commemorate the event, and then the signatures follow.  It's a copy, I'm guessing everyone who signed it got a copy and the original is probably either with GE or the Navy.